Integro Mobility

Integro Mobility has been a major provider of bespoke motor insurance for adapted vehicles for many years. Key features include:

  • No ‘Insurable Interest’ issues – policies can be issued in the name of a child, carer or trustee/deputy
  • No concerns regarding ‘non-disclosure’ with regards to vehicle adaptation

We have designed a unique and flexible motor insurance product, to provide assessment and provision of a comprehensive range of transport-related mobility insurance solutions:

  • Maximum NCB transferable from the second vehicle
  • Any driver aged 17 or over
  • Discounts available for:
    – Any driver over 21 years of age
    – Any driver over 25 years of age
    – Named drivers
    – One new driver
  • Policy automatically covers vehicle adaptations, on a ‘new for old’ basis
  • Optional cover for manual wheelchairs and motorised scooters up to the value of £3,000 whilst in the vehicle
  • Cover for alternative transport after an accident – £75 per day, up to 15 days
  • Uninsured loss recovery*
  • Free RAC European breakdown cover**

*Not included as standard
**Excludes UK. Can be added for an additional cost of £55